quantitative MR: How to accelerate the simulation

The user can further accelerate the performance of simulations by "compressing" the pulse sequence through the reduction of the total number of discrete time-steps. Before you upload your pulse sequence on coreMRI, run the MATLAB function coreMRI_qMR_pulse_optimization() and save your pulse sequence with the matrices and variables extracted from this function. Follow these steps:

  1. Load the pulse sequence in MATLAB
  2. Download the MATLAB function coreMRI_qMR_pulse_optimization (click HERE) and save it into the MATLAB working directory
  3. Execute the following command in the command window:
    [pulse_sequence, times_fitting_single_point, soft_crushers, N_pulse] =  coreMRI_qMR_pulse_optimization(pulse_sequence, times_fitting_single_point, soft_crushers, N_pulse);
  4. Save the variables found in the workspace under a new .mat file
  5. Upload the newly created .mat file to coreMRI

Tags: quantitative MR pulse sequence coreMRI