coreMRI: How to run my first simulation (quantitative MR)

Once you log in to coreMRI and open the simulation platform, switch to the quantitative MR mode (if not already there). In quantitative MR mode, the template of the simulation platform is in green color (compared to the blue color of the MR Imaging mode). 

The simulation in quantitative MR mode requires a pulse sequence and the definition of a spin model. The coreMRI development team provides a few pulse sequences that can be used by any user. These pulse sequences are available through the public repository and need to be "transferred" or "followed" in order to be used in the simulations. In pulse sequences, select the menu item "Library" from the left-side menu (step 1 in image below), then click on the tab "Public Repository" (step 2 in image below) and then click on the toggle button of the pulse sequence that you would like to "follow" (step 3 in image below).

The next step involves the definition of the spin model, such as the range of relaxation constants, the range of B0-inhomogeneity, etc. In order to do so, select the menu-item "General Configurations" from the left-side menu (step 1 in image below), open the tab "qMR Basic Description" and make the selections that appear in image below.

Once you have followed these steps, select the menu-item "Simulation" from the left-side menu (step 1 in image below), select the pulse sequence (step 2 in image below), the computer system for your simulation (step 3 in image below) and then click on the button "Run Simulation" (step 4 in image below).

You can check the progress of your simulation at page "Experiments". Once the simulation has been successfully completed, you can download the results of the MR simulation by clicking on the download icon.

Tags: quantitative MR